Common juicing mistakes and how to fix them

Juicing provides you with a wide range of health benefits because it provides you with pure and high-quality minerals, vitamins, and phytonutrients, which you can hardly get through other drink kinds. People are increasingly making uses of this drinking method, however, many of us are doing this in wrong ways. My honest article today will address some common juicing mistakes you might make and solution to deal with them as well.

1.Putting in all or none

Some people are so hurried that they put as many ingredients possible into a new diet with a hope of better and faster results to come. In fact, this is a wrong thought. It requires certain time to sustain an all-juice diet, so be careful to set a good plan, rather than force your body to “suffer” too much nutrients at once. It is recommended including juices into your diet without absolutely replacing your normal meals. If it’s possible, a breakfast juice is an awesome place to get started. Let’s replace your normal breakfast of cereal or yogurt with a green juice of almonds. Do this twice a week and maintain it as a part of your healthy eating routine. Keep in mind to stay on the juicing wagon, or you might get no result.

2.Adding without reducing

Another juicing mistake that users often make is to keep adding juices into diets but make no subtracting to other foods. It cannot be denied that juicing is an ideal nutrition source since it offers almost every kind of insane antioxidants; However, they also come with calories. And some juices are better than others, for example, green juices seem to include fewer sugar and calories compared to fruit juices. But no matter what juice you are including to your diet, it is like an addition. Your diet, meanwhile, needs to be in proper food and nutrient quantity, so adding some juice means subtracting another food. Understand? But keep in mind that juice here is just to incorporate meal, never use them to replace your whole meal. A proper combination is, for example, enjoy your dinner with a green apple, spinach, and celery juice, along with your salmon and broccoli. As you make a proper mix, you will be likely to gain awesome benefits of the juice while not overloading calories.

3.Choosing wrong intake

The most special feature of juicing is that you can common juicing from the fresh ingredients you put in with your own hands and meeting your own preference. However, it is this benefit that creates mistakes among users. If you are new to juicing, you might not dig the straight up green juice. This is popular among new users, but it doesn’t mean that you should put into so many fruits at once and make your fruit juices tastes like a strawberry milkshake from a fast food restaurant. So remember to include a proper quantity and amount of ingredient to juice. If you feel as if you are including your whole fruit baskets in your morning drink, then you should stop some minutes to make a new plan. To be sure about proper juicing, make your juice with the ratio: 80:20, which means 80% greens and 20% fruit. One more thing, the role of the fruit is to renew and diversify the juice taste, not to dominate your drink.

4.Juicing (and Storing) too long

You are advised some ways to store juice properly, but it’s best to drink the juice you make as soon as possible. Why? As the raw nutrients are exposed to oxygen, they will sooner or later break down. So if you cannot enjoy the juice right after it is made, store it but within some hours for maximum. Otherwise, a huge amount of nutrients will be los and you may get ill if there are pathogens growing due to oxidation. So if you want to reap the most benefits of juice, enjoy it once it is made juice up. Plus, remember to follow product’s expiration dates when buying something.

Final words

Above are 4 common mistakes that a lot of people make when making juice. So if want to make the best uses of the juice you make, avoid these mistakes. Wishing that you will always have nice and healthy juice to enjoy!

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