What to consider when it comes to buying a juicer ?

In order to buy a best juicer for yourself, you need to have careful consideration. And below are some of the most important things to consider before buying a juicer.

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Blender choice for your family

1.What are you going to juice?

Make careful calculation on what you are going to juice. Divide them into types like Citrus Fruits, Soft Fruits, Harder Fruits, Vegetables and Leafy Greens. Actually, no juicers are designed to well juice all of the ingredients above, so it’s vital to broadly pinpoint what to juice, otherwise, you will probably invest in wrong item.  For instance, I plan to juice about 25% leafy greens, 10% soft fruits, and 65% stiff vegetables and fruits, so a masticating juicer is the most perfect choice for me.

juicer choice according to your needs
juicer choice according to your needs


2.How often do you make a juice? And how much do you brew in each juicing?

Yeah, please ask yourself: How many times are you about to juicer a day or a week? How much of juice do you want to make? Do you juice for you only or some other people? Is the time length to make a juice matter to you?  Masticating juicers claim to offer the highest quality juice, but they are much slower in comparison with speedy centrifugal juicers. So if you have to make a great amount of juice quickly and you are ok to loss some quality, then centrifugal juicers will be ideal for you. On the other hand, if you are concerned about juice quality and you are about to juice leafy greens vegetables for the most part, then you should think of a masticating juicer. Unfortunately, a masticating juicer takes you around 60 to 100% more time to have a juice than a centrifugal juicer does.

3.How much juice does the juicer make? And what about dry pulp?

The amount of juice produced each juicing time is one of the most effective ways to evaluate quality and efficiency of a juicer. If you have ever searched on the internet, you will find many video comparisons which show how good different juicers are at juicing the same quantities of ingredients. Generally, the more juice yield, the more expensive the juicer.

A fine crusher to ensure nutritional quality of fruits after processing
A fine crusher to ensure nutritional quality of fruits after processing

4.How much money are you ready to spend?

Yeah, price is one of the essential things to consider when it comes to buying any appliance and the situation of juicers is not an exception. As a rule, the better the juicer perform, the higher its price will be. A higher-priced juicer will introduce higher juice produced, more advanced features, ease to clean and better warranty. If you are about to include juicing as key part of your diet and health system, we recommend you skip price issue. Many former users have given up their juicing due to a cheap centrifugal juicer of less than £100. This is actually a wrong saving method. You will soon feel tire of so many further steps like assembling the machine, adding large amount of waste, so on. To get rid of this, you should invest in machines of £200+ which claim high quality and long-lasting life.

5.Does it allow juicing leafy greens?

As I think, the greatest thing of juicing is the possibility to extract a pure juice from leafy green ingredients. Leafy greens, like spinach, wheatgrass, spinach.. are the richest source of vitamins, enzymes and minerals. Centrifugal juicers are not designed for leafy greens juicing, so if you want to get pure juice, we highly recommend you trying masticating juicers, which are excellent at extracting leafy green juice (of which the juices of single gear are good, and those of twin gear are the best)

Presses normally only functional fruit juice
Presses normally only functional fruit juice

6.How good is the warranty?

In fact, juicers introduce variable warranties. Normally, most speedy centrifugal juicers have only 1-5 year warranties because the motors are likely to burn out. Differently, masticating juicers introduce substantial 10 year with the addition of motor domestic motor and 5 year-warranties on the components. So before coming to the final decision on what juice to invest, make sure that you are clear about what parts have warranties available, what factors the warranties cover and do not cover.

Final words

Yeah, above are 6 most need-to-be-considered factors when it comes to investing a new juicer. The checking process is easy and simple but it largely affects the effectiveness of your juicer. So be sure that you follow them carefully if you want to have the best juicer!