How To Juice To Lose Weight With The Comfort Of Your House?

You are overweight? You are looking for a powerful solution to deal with this issue? So our honest article is worth checking. Here we will introduce you a very powerful way to lose weight with the comfort at your own house, that is juicing to lose weight. You have heard about this before, right? Let’s be ready to discover it yourself?

What you will need to follow the secret?


To make sure that you will be able to finish the process with our expected result, you need to be well-prepared. And below are some of important things that you need to follow the process.

Step one: get ready to juicing.

  • Invest in a juicer
  • Buy fresh fruit
  • Make some sample cups of juice first
  • Let’s start with 1 to 2 servings at once

Step two: Designing juicing diets

  • Have some juice resources for reference
  • Build up your own plan
  • Lose weight yourself

Step 3: Get started to a safe and healthy weight lose process

  • Look for advice from your doctor or a registered dietitian
  • Put in the minimum amount of 1200 calories every day
  • Put in enough protein
  • Don’t forget fiber source
  • Set up time to drink juice every day
  • Include some regular physical activity

How to follow the process?


Ok, it’s time we got into details about each step. Let’s discover.

Step 1: Get ready to juicing

  • Invest in a juicer. This is the first thing to do to have juice prepared at your house. Two recommended machines are cold press juicer and juice extractors. Juicers are in various sizes and prices ( in the range of $50 and over $400), but cold press juicers are normally in higher price. Each model has its own strengths and weakness, so consider your demands on juicing carefully to have the wisest investment.
  • Buy fresh fruit and vegetables of various types. Once you have got a suitable juicer, the next primary ingredient to have juice prepared is fruit and vegetables. Don’t buy too much fruits and veggies immediately, instead, try blending some different juices with small amount. This will make sure that you will buy the correct ingredients for you preferred juice.
  • Make some sample cups of juice first. After having proper fruits and vegetable to juice, try making some sample cups. This is like a internship process for you to get your own experiences in juicing. As a result, your juice will be better and better.
  • Let’s start with 1 to 2 servings at once. Freshly squeezed juices can be a wished place to be in of harmful bacteria, so do not juice too much at once. And no not keep your juice in an airtight container more than 24 hours. It’s also suggested buying mason jars or air-tight water bottles to safely keep smaller quantities of juice in the refrigerator.

Step two: Designing juicing diets


  • Have some juice resources for reference.The diet plans, juices as well as juicing methods are so various and complicated, which sometimes causes confusion for you. So you had better look for certain juice resources to follow.
  • Seek different juice diets on the Internet. The juice diets are seems to be unlimited, so let’s pick up some, which you find best for yourself. You can also make something different by combining some different diets.
  • Buying a juicing book guide is also a good recommendation. You can make use of it immediately when you need.
  • One suggested sources for juicing diets is Safe Juicing & Blending from the MayoClinic.
  • Build up your own plan.As you look for diet plan on the internet and read information in juicing book guide, you will find that there are a lot of choices for you to choose from. You also get your own knowledge about diet plan at that time. So if you do not want to follow a particular plan, you yourself can build up your own meal plan.
  • Check again to be sure which meals you plan to replace with juice or how juice you are about to take in a day. There are some diets which suggest taking a specific amount of juice during the day, for instance, 1-2 cups of juice providing “green” or vegetable.
  • Plan to drink some different juices throughout a day. It is better to consume both fruit and vegetable juices every day, not just one of those.
  • Different kind of fruits and vegetables are also suggested. For instance, you can have a cup of apple and kale juice in the morning, and then in the afternoon, you have oranges, carrots, and ginger.
  • Lose weight yourself.Ok, as your objective is to lose weight, so never forget to track your weight daily, regardless of the diet and the weight loss plan. By this way, you will get to know your progress and understand how the juice diet works for you.
  • It is recommended that you weigh yourself 1 or 2 times a week. Daily weighing do not show you much different result. Also, it is not as accurate as weekly weighing.
  • A home scale is a should-have-tool at your home so that you will be always on track.
  • Take note your weekly weights. This will allow you to see how progressed you have been, and then make necessary changes or improvement for better result.

Step 3: Get started to a safe and healthy weight lose process

  • Look for advice from your doctor or a registered dietitian. Before starting your juice diet, share this with your They may give you some more helpful advice or some alternatives which are more suitable for you. And a registered dietitian is also important as he may suggest a more effective diet for weight loss.
  • Put in the at least1200 calories every day. Taking in too little calories a day, yeah, less than 1200 is not safe. So make sure that no matter what juicing plan you choose, your body is still provided with enough calories daily.
  • Put in enough protein. While juicing allows you to consume more fruits and vegetables, juice comes with little to no protein. So to make sure that your diet is healthy and well-balanced, do not forget to put in protein to your body every day.
  • Don’t forget fiber source. Some juice plans suggest throwing away pulp when juicing. But in fact, this element is source of some nutrients and especially fiber of the fruits and vegetables. So now, don’t waste it. It is proven that low-fiber diets can cause constipation, blood sugar fluctuations as well as weight gain
  • Set up time to drink juice every day. Actually, juice, as well as any other liquid, is good but it shouldn’t be followed for a very long time. So do not rely on plans that which advise you to take in only juice for more than a few days.
  • Include some regular physical activities. Juicing only cannot bring about a really good result. So physical activities are always suggested being included in almost every weight loss plan. Exercise blow away additional calories for more effective weight loss attempts.


Ok, it’s time to wrap my article up. Are you clear about Juicing to lose weight? And do you think such suggestions are helpful for you? If you are planning to lose weight, this is really a great suggestion, I think. This method has been helping a lot of overweighed people gained their desired body safely and healthy. So let’s feel free to try and if you have any ideas, please share us so that we can together to build better thing.


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