How to Use a Juicer Properly?

Juicers are known as a basic kitchen or bar tool. In the past, vintage juicers were made from glass and designed elaborately. And now, the situation has changed. Most of modern juicers are made from plastic, just some are traditionally made with glass. Specialized kitchen ware and bar accessories introduce some small juicers which are mounted on a handle, claiming quick small lemon juicing, then keep fruit for cooking or offer flavor to drinks. Countertop kitchen appliance offerings are often designed with electric juicers, but in general, old-style hand juicers are easy to use and more environmentally friendly. My following article will teach you how to use a juice properly.


1.What will you need?

Below is the list of necessary things for a proper juicing process.

  • Citrus fruit
  • Glass or plastic juicer
  • Small paring knife
  • Trash bag
  • Two half-gallon or gallon pitchers
  • Cutting board
  • Handled mesh strainer
  • Zester (optional)

    There are many types of fruits and vegetables will produce tastier juice

2.What are the steps?


  • Prepare work space

Honestly, juicing process often produces mess, so it is important to make proper setup so that the counters and floors will stay clean. Yeah, let’s cover the counter where you are about to place the reamer with an absorbent paper. Newspapers are good at catching stray juice, especially when the operation is done outside on a picnic table or bench.

  • Cut the juiced ingredients in half with the small paring knife.

Yea, do cutting around the center position of the fruit in order that the end of the fruit and the stem are on two opposite ends, which makes it easier for you to hold the fruit when you are  juicing.

  • Design juicing operation.

Put the machine in the middle of the counter and place the freshly washed pitcher nearby the operation in order that the juice can be easily moved to the pitcher. Pick half of one fruit, then push it down through the pointed reamer. Note that do not push too hard, especially the fruit which has a thin skin because this will discontinue the fruit open and make it harder to extract the juices. Slowly and gently turn the fruit in one direction to keep draining the juices. After that, do the procedure with the opposite direction. Once all of the juice has been transferred, throw the fruit into a paper or plastic bag which is serving as the trash container.

  • Filter the juice through some pitchers.

Put the strainer over the bare pitcher, then pour the liquid in the full pitcher into the empty one. This will help to filter possible seeds or pulp in the liquid. Some drinkers like juice without any pulp, and this can be done easily thanks to a fine wire strainer. Slowly pour the liquid and clean the strainer if it gets clogged with pulp.

  • Add back further pulp.

Take a little pulp from the strainer and mix it into the fresh juice in the pitcher. This step is not obligatory but health researchers from Texas University  of A&M showed that eating pulp itself rose the antioxidants and decreased the amount of cholesterol and plasma triacylglyercol in laboratory rats. This is really a good recommendation for those who are planning a diet. So if you enjoy a little of pulp, take this advantages of potential health benefits.

3.Possible tips and warnings

  • Reel the citrus on the counter so that the pulp inside the fruit will be loosened, making it easier for you to accomplish your juicing process.
  • Have all family member take part in juicing. This process is easy and in low risk of injury. So if your children want to check their ground-breaking skills at a juice stand, let them do after checking out for hints for a successful lemonade stand.
  • Some recipes recommend placing citrus into a microwave between 10 and 5 seconds before juicing. If you follow this, check the variously sized fruit’s temperature before juicing. The inside juice can get hot quickly as it is juiced.

Final words

Ok, above is a complete guide for a proper juice using. Is the process is easy? Yeah, they are actually easy to follow, so please do as guided so that you can have the juicers worked fine for you for a long time.